Vrede en Lust paints the sky red and blue

Jacques de Savoye came to South Africa in 1688 and was granted Vrede en Lust. In celebration of Jacques and the 2010 harvest, Vrede en Lust invited guest to join them for a day of fun on the farm.

The day started at 8am and brave guests got to experience grape harvesting. We opted to join the party at 10am and were welcomed by a glass of Rosé and freshly baked croissants. During breakfast, guests were entertained by a German Trumpet Band where-after everyone engaged in some grape stomping. The wine started flowing and people started downing the special fermented Sauvignon Blanc juice like cooldrink. The courtyard turned into a eco of laughter and new friendships were made before lunch arrived.

Platters upon platters of food were served. Freshly baked bread, pates, dips, cold meats, a variety of cheeses, pastas, salads and the chicken casseroles will go down in history as a true feast!

Red and blue balloon were released simultaneously by the guests just before dessert arrived. The sky was painted with blue and red for a long time and eventually faded away into space.

The 2010 Vrede en Lust Harvest Festival was a true reflection of the passionate people behind the estate. Their warmth, energy and hospitality catered for a fun-filled Saturday that will be remembered by many for a long time.