Heineken Slams Rumours Of “Fake Alcohol” That’s Being Sold In South Africa

There’s been social media outrage that Heineken is selling fake beer in South Africa .  

Business Insider SA reports that a video, allegedly showing fake Heineken beer being prepared for distribution in South Africa is false and Heineken SA has backed this up.

The business site reported that this comes after parody Twitter account @AdvBarryRoux tweeted the video on Friday morning, claiming that South Africans have been drinking “fake Heineken” and will get malaria and ebola from it.

Apparently, the video shows factory workers packaging Heineken branded bottles in a warehouse and a separate tweet showing the apparent branding differences between the “fake beer” and real Heineken, with the “fake beer” using a larger font.

Heineken SA issued a statement on its Twitter page last week 

  • “We are aware of a video that shows highly illegal criminal behaviour and appears to be a serious and deliberate act to damage the Heineken brand. We would like to inform our Heineken fans that this is an old video which was first shared in China in June 2016.”
  • With regards to the confusion of Heineken 650ml products with two different back labels in South Africa , we would like to clarify that both of these products are original Heineken 650ml products.”
  • “Due to the high demand of the Heineken 650ml, and as we didn’t want to disappoint our Heineken fans, we imported extra Heineken 650ml from theNetherlands and that is why there is a discrepancy between the two labels.”
  • “Our fans can rest assured that both Heineken 650ml products are of the same quality standards and that Heineken continues to be a great tasting beer in 192 countries.”


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