Monticello Cup Goes To Pollak Vineyards’ 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon

The Monticello American Viticultural Area presented a virtual event Wednesday evening to announce the winners. Out of 71 wines in the competition, there were 13 gold medals, 56 silvers and


Buzz Bites: Replenishing Food Bank Supplies, Extended Winery Hours, Chitterlings And Salads

Fans of the award-winning Vermentino Reserve can enjoy a preview through Feb. 29, only at Barboursville Vineyards.


Buzz Bites: Harvest Moon, Harvest Feast And Future Foodie Festivities

It?s not too soon to make reservations for the 20th Anniversary of Palladio Restaurant Celebration Gala Dinner while you?re at it. That dinner is planned for Oct. 5.


Shakespeare At The Ruins Is Back For A Magic-filled Classic

Starting Friday evening, Four County Players will be sweeping audience members from the Piedmont region of Virginia to the Piedmont of Italy through a one-time return to the picturesque Barboursville


Crozet Arts & Crafts Festival Also Includes Delights For The Ear

Curating the festival is easy on one level, because there are plenty of strong applicants. On another level, director Amanda Polson has to say no to some pretty amazing possibilities.


Pass Go And Collect $200 ? Waynesboro Style

Roll the dice and land on Humpback Rocks, downtown Waynesboro or the South River. WAYNESBORO-OPOLY is styled after the game Monopoly, but has all Waynesboro-themed property and special cards.

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Cbj: Starr Hill Brewery Opening Beer Hall, Rooftop Bar In Richmond

The Crozet-based outlet is joining the up-and-coming Scott?s Addition neighborhood.


Don’t Get Me Started: Don?t Trash Your Marriage Over Recycling

My cousin Sid Pritchett and Marylou Enscore got married right out of high school. Everybody said it wouldn?t last. Well, what does everybody know? They will celebrate their 34th wedding

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