3 Dividend Stocks That Pay You More Than Pepsi Does @themotleyfool #stocks $vz $skt $avgo $pep

Broadcom, Verizon, and Tanger Factory Outlet Centers have higher yields than stalwart Pepsi -- if you're willing to take on some risk.


Will Canopy Growth Weigh Heavily On Constellation Brands In Q3? @themotleyfool #stocks $stz $cgc

The financial situation for the beer, wine, and spirits distributor remains complex as it reorients itself.


Pepsico Follows Coca-cola Into The Hybrid Coffee Market @themotleyfool #stocks $ko $pep $sbux

The soda giant thinks the world is finally ready for cola-coffee drinks.


Why Constellation Brands Will Struggle To Dethrone White Claw @themotleyfool #stocks $stz $sam

Constellation Brands will launch its new Corona-branded spiked seltzer brand this upcoming Spring. But the company is entering a crowded market with strong brand loyalty.


Craft Brew Alliance’s Buyout Shows Boston Beer Vastly Overpaid For Dogfish Head @themotleyfool #stocks $sam $brew $bud

Anheuser-Busch may have lowballed its price, but the leading craft brewer still paid dear.


How Starbucks Is Using Artificial Intelligence @themotleyfool #stocks $sbux

Using Deep Brew, the coffee chain is aiming for an improved experience for both customers and employees.


Mcdonald’s Takes A Page From The Starbucks Playbook @themotleyfool #stocks $mcd $sbux

Or maybe the restaurant chain is just bringing something to beverage marketing that it pioneered in food.


Will Constellation Brands’ Beer Portfolio Go Flat In Q2? @themotleyfool #stocks $stz $sam $cgc $bud

Although Mexican beer demand remains strong, Corona core brands haven't been as bubbly.


Pepsico Earnings: What To Watch @themotleyfool #stocks $pep

Investors have some big questions ahead of the soda giant's upcoming quarterly report.


3 Dividend Stocks That Pay You More Than Pepsico Does @themotleyfool #stocks $pag $kmb $cpb $pep

Look here if you need a higher yield than Pepsi's current 2.8% annual payout.

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