This low-key family estate produces natural wines for contemplation.


Happenstance, during the ‘cellar hunt’ for festive libation, delivered a six-case of somewhat forgotten smart sauvignon blancs from the fine 2009 vintage. What a treat it turned out to be.


THE Cape wine industry must be among the most dynamic in the world: despite one of the longest and most emasculating recessions in almost a century, it has proved resilient, creative, even optimistic.


Remember the flash mob phenomenon?


Tastes differ – this is the simple rule that those bold enough to advise others should strive to remember.


How we South Africans love to have a whipping boy when it comes to grape varieties; these troublesome children just don’t behave as they should and do elsewhere.


Not everyone quite gets sparkling wine. Including me, most of the time.


Convention has it that when making a selection of wines for a meal, one starts with the aperitif and works through to the dessert or digestif.


I have to admit us Kapenaars (from the Western Cape rather than just Cape Town) are rather parochial when it comes to South African wine.


Hermanuspietersfontein – if you’re a lover of sauvignon blanc this name will probably have long since unwound its length in your mind, and the wines unfolded their savour on your tongue.

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