Glitter Beer Is Apparently A Thing Now

From eyeshadows to runners and just about everything in between, there’s nothing better to add a sparkle to a normal day.


6 Valentine’s Day Inspired Cocktail That Will Make You Fall Head Over Heels

6 Valentine's Day inspired cocktail that will make you fall head over heels

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Dunnes Stores Is Holding A Big Gin Sale And Here’s How We’ll Be Taking Advantage

Dunnes Stores is holding a BIG gin sale and here's how we'll be taking advantage


This Galway Bar Is The First Venue To Stock That Gordon’s Pink Gin

This Galway bar is the first venue to stock THAT Gordon's Pink Gin and we feel a road trip coming on right about now, see you there.


This Gin Brand Is Releasing Baubles Filled With Its Tipple In Time For Christmas

Snowing is falling...


Get In! That Limited-edition Gordon’s Pink Gin Is Landing This Weekend

Breaking news.

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