Stop Adverts Comparing Corona Beer To Covid: Delhi Hc

The court noted, ?It appears the plaintiff's statutory and commercial interests will get jeopardised if an interim injunction is not granted in its favour.?


She Said Yes. Fourteen Times.

Pushkine, 60, and Luykx, 63, met through Bumble in July 2016. Pushkine was married for 14 years to a restaurant manager while Luykx married his high school sweetheart when he was 20. The marriage last


5 Easy Cocktail Recipes To Spice Up Your New Year Party

Hosting a house party this New Year's Eve? Well, a party can't be complete without good food, music and some amazing cocktails. Here are 5 easy to prepare cocktail recipes that will have your guests h


Beer Yoga is the new buzz for fitness enthusiasts

So many people struggle to balance a busy schedule with staying fit.


A Toast To India

In The Wines of India, London-based Peter Csizmadia-Honigh chronicles the diverse landscape and history of wine production in the country


Myra Vineyards Launches India’s First Unfiltered Wine Varietal

Bengaluru-based Myra Vineyards recently announced the launch of its limited edition cuvee Misfit, arguably a first-of-its-kind unfiltered red wine varietal.


Why does white wine leave some women upset?

Ever thought why drinking white wine leaves some women upset and depressed at times?


A glass of red wine worth an hour of exercise

According to a research, a glass of red wine could provide one with the same benefits an hour’s exercise would give.

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Here’s how you can preserve your wine

“Drinking good wine, with good food in good company is life’s most civilized pleasures,” a wine-lover would say.


Move over vodka and rum

Move over vodka and rum, a host of traditional beverages are making their presence felt in the city.

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