Khuli Chana Reacts To AKA Calling Out Absolut Vodka For Copying Cruz Vodka Flavors


AKA Shares How The Hate On His 'Banana Deluxe' Cruz Vodka Edition Worked On His Favour. After announcing the launch of his brand new limited edition with

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SA Rappers have been cashing in on alcohol brands and many have generated millions from the partnerships and endorsements. AKA's Cruz vodka deal is


Nasty C Set To Perform With An American Rapper At The Upcoming Russian Bear #BeUs Concert. The great news Nasty C has long been teasing has finally been


Riky Rick And His Wife Appear In New Remy Martin Advert! It seems as though Riky Rick is out to collect the bag from all his endorsement deals.


Here's How Much AKA's Limited Edition Sneakers With Reebok Will Cost! Supa Mega has never been shy to push the boundaries of what he can do.


Cassper has announced the release of his latest Advertisement from a new brand. ?I know y'all loved the Samsung TV advert. I have partnered with another brand for another tv ad that looks into my


One thing most of us can agree on is that the sandals and beefs add a tasteful flavor to Hip Hop. This year like any other we have had a number of scandals that kept us

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JR has caught himself being implicated on a beef between AKA and Cassper's alcohol brands Cruz Vodka and Ciroc for a tweet which he said was misread. The rapper tweeted how he was happy about


The previous winner of the rap music competition The IAmNext Russian Bear Nankoo has released a single titled Sosha featuring Kid X. Kwesta who is one of the host of the campaign shared the news

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