Emu Eggs On The Menu: Why Australians Are Buying More Emu Eggs

Australian emu farms are selling thousands of emu eggs amid growing demand for the novelty eggs which taste even creamier than free-range hens eggs.


Allergy ‘nightmare’: Calls For Crackdown On Food Labelling

Ingredients lists are often not declaring food allergens, prompting calls for a crackdown on labelling to protect consumers with food allergies.


Why Amazon’s Grocery Shop Savings Aren’t Worth The Extra Fees

Amazon Australia's grocery price points appear competitive on the surface, but the fees and minimal savings mean consumers will end up worse off.


Snack Foods, Tea, Organics: Groceries Arrive On Amazon Australia

Amazon Australia has released a range of staple pantry groceries including cereal, snack foods and tomato sauce, almost one month on from its launch.


Beer Prices Set To Soar As Climate Change Bites Into Barley

Unchecked climate change throughout the world is set to cause a sharp increase in global beer prices, researchers have warned.


Chef Neil Perry Puts $1.6m On The Table To Settle Pay Claims

The restaurant chain fronted by Australian celebrity chef Neil Perry says it is "keen to resolve" payroll issues, and will back pay its workers $1.6 millio


Rockmelon Listeria Outbreak Could Happen Again

Consumers have been warned that a listeria outbreak could happen again, with pregnant women and the elderly warned to avoid rockmelon altogether.


Our Obsession With Nut Milk May Be Depriving Us Of Calcium

Nut-based 'milk' alternatives have grown by a massive 90 per cent in two years alone, but this new obsession may be depriving consumers of calcium.


Technology That Tenderises Meat Win For Consumers

Scientists have found the eating quality of tough cuts of meat like shank, silverside and chuck steak can be improved using shockwave technology.


How Flybuys Will Change Coles After Wesfarmers Demerger

Coles' plans to use Flybuys data for customising stores to meet local demographic needs could mean more private label goods in lower socio-economic areas.

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