Ranking The Core Line Of Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch Whiskies

Lagavulin is the quintessential Islay peated whisky. We?re ranking their core bottles based on taste (and a little bit on price).


Ranking The Core Bottles Of Bushmills Irish Whiskey

Northern Ireland?s Old Bushmills Distillery creates some iconic Irish whiskey. Here?s how we rank their core bottles.


Flavored Whiskey Blind Taste Test — Jim Beam Vs. Jack Daniels

Jack Daniel?s and Jim Beam put out some quality flavored whiskeys. We blind-tasted 6 bottles to find the best of the bunch.


Snoop Dogg’s Hologram Will Appear On His 19 Crimes Wine Bottle To Give Valentine’s Day Advice

It’s been less than a year since Snoop Dogg unveiled his collaboration with acclaimed wine maker 19 Crimes, and the rapper’s already taking his Cali Red blend one step further. 19 Crimes announced a new project that puts the rapper’s hologram on select bottles in order for fans to be able to ask the seasoned rapper for advice.

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Take a virtual trip to the Scottish Highlands and enjoy these ten Whiskies this fall.

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