It’s been less than a year since Snoop Dogg unveiled his collaboration with acclaimed wine maker 19 Crimes, and the rapper’s already taking his Cali Red blend one step further. 19 Crimes announced a new project that puts the rapper’s hologram on select bottles in order for fans to be able to ask the seasoned rapper for advice.


You’ve probably heard of aging beer before, but never like this. We’re not quite talking dinosaur beer, but it’s close.


If you’re a savvy tippler, you already know the best time to buy booze and where.


There’s a new ultra high-end brand of whisky out of the Netherlands called Whisky X, that claims to be filtered with both gold and diamonds and “body blended” with your choice (flavor?) of porn star, Tori Black or Joy van Velsen.


It’s a shame Gerard Depardieu has renounced his French citizenship, because in so many ways, he’s the perfect symbol for France, a mascot, like a French Uncle Sam.


Conan allowed his Orange Is The New Black fun to spill over into tonight’s episode just a bit with this parody ad for Pruno Creek Prison Wine. As someone who had made their own wine and blinded their uncle during Christmas 2008, I appreciate the laughs and attention to detail within.

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