Weekend Wanderings: Living it up at Lanzerac

Despite my inbox being the bain of my blog existence, sometimes it serves up a gem…. and an invite to spend a night at The Lanzerac Hotel in Stellenbosch was one email that caught my eye immediately!

Within a few days of the invitation we found ourselves heading out towards the autumed-hued winelands for a few hours of indulgence in the good time trio of wine, food and a night away from the children!

The Lanzerac Hotel

The Lanzerac is one of those hotels that have stood the test of time. The name is familiar to most who live in Cape Town or the vicinity of Stellenbosch. Mentioning it to my parents to convince them that they wanted to help us our with some overnight babysitting, both my mom and dad recalled their fond memories of time spent at the Lanzerac bar or enjoying their cheeese lunches. My mom even revealed a secret past of a time when she actually worked in the kitchen while a student at the university! Fortunately this meant that they were happy to help out so we could experience the hotel for ourselves.

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