What Is the Best Thing to Drink Before an Exam?

The period of final exams creeps up on students imperceptibly. Seems like you have just started this academic year and, boom! – you are already buried under piles of papers and books.

Exams are stressful challenges. The permanent intense mental and cognitive workload, change of sleeping habits and lack of vitamins and rational nutrition impacts students’ bodies and minds. They turn into zombies in the constant search of sleep and coffee. Some students in despair order help from college essay writing services like EssayShark or hire freelancers to accomplish tasks for them. Others gather the remains of their strength and study day and night till the final day of the exam. Is there a way to boost your productivity and make this period less stressful? Are there any magical elixirs that can help collect your thoughts and pass the exam with flying colors? Today, we are going to dive into the incredible world of useful beverages that will enhance your concentration and mental abilities. 

Let’s make it clear from the very beginning: if you have not had enough sleep for the last week or more and eaten junk food, one cup of even the most powerful energy drink won’t save your life. However, if you had a rest and just need to boost your mind and give it a wake-up call, then these variants are perfect for you. They will bring more benefits if you drink them on an average basis. 

6 Types of Drinks to Have Before an Exam 

Various beverages influence our bodies differently. Specific drinks can enhance memory and attention focusing. Some have an instant result while others have an accumulative effect. Many drinks are an excellent source for improving cerebral blood flow. Let’s review the most effective beverages to drink before an exam:


Believe it or not, but lack of water can lead to a wide range of problems related to the functioning of your brain. The dehydration can result in anger, depression, sleeping issues, headaches, problems with eyesight, memory, and fatigue. When your body lacks at least 1% of water, your cognitive functions decrease by 5%. Water is an excellent source of energy for your brain, it “turns on” your cogitation and stimulate the process of memory. When you drink enough water, it quickens the speed of thinking, attention focusing, and the production of hormones and neuromediators.


You can consider this idea to be trite, but one or two cups of coffee are enough to increase your mental activity by 10%. This beverage stimulates the chemical processes in blood and your body. Coffee resembles an effective fuel for a brain. Its main ingredient, caffeine is the most frequently used psychoactive substance in the world. The caffeine blocks the adenosine, the neuromediator that influences the focusing, attention, and sleep. As a result, a human being feels a burst of energy and enhancement of mental activity. A cup of coffee in the morning increases the amount of serotonin and makes a person happier. 

Green Tea 

The Japanese know the secrets of longevity. Moreover, they are known as a nation of innovators and scientists. Green tea is a super drink that stimulates the work of the brain and has positive impacts on other organs and systems in the body. It is one of the best boosters of mental activity, attention focusing, memory, and mood. Theanine is one of its components that increases the level of serotonin, reduces the mental and physical tension. There’s nothing better than going to an exam in a good spirit, rested and calm. 


Hot chocolate with cocoa beans

Impressed? Don’t be. Cocoa stimulates the circulation of blood in the brain cortex. If you don’t like the taste of coffee, cocoa can replace it. Cacao beans contain useful antioxidants that enhance cognitive processes. This is a real tonic that nourishes your brain and dilates the blood vessels. Moreover, it’s so delicious! 

Natural fresh juices

Unpasteurized fresh juices is a true treasure for your brain. Vitamin B1 improves your memory and decreases stress. Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant. Iron and magnesium are some of the substantial elements for our brain. Orange, tomato, carrot, pomegranate, and beetroot juices are extremely useful and beneficial for students’ bodies. You can either make them at home or purchase organic juices. Make sure you check the date – unpasteurized fresh juices have a short shelf life or no longer than 72 hours. 


Only the laziest person has not heard about the benefits of drinking smoothies. Every blogger, influencer, and nutritionist start their days with drinking a huge cup of a freshly-made smoothie. It’s pretty simple to make them: just throw a handful of berries like raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, etc. to the blender. Add a banana, cucumber, avocado, apple, celery or spinach. Pour in some coconut or almond milk with a teaspoon of chia seeds, oatmeal, or linseeds, and blend till the consistency of a cocktail. This substantial drink can even become your first meal and boost your cognitive activities perfectly. 

Our nutrition and beverages we drink influence our lives a lot. However, remember, that if you have not been preparing for an exam and hoped that a glass of juice with coffee and cocoa will turn you into a genius, I have bad news for you. The drinks we reviewed today can definitely help you to wake up and feel refreshed and full of energy before an important day.