What is the Most Expensive Beer in the World?

When you think of beer, you probably don’t think of it as a particularly expensive drink, unless you’ve ever bought one at a ball game or a gentleman’s club. Not every beer, however, goes on sale at the local grocery store every holiday. There are some specialty craft beers and upscale brews that come with a very respectable price tag.

Would you pay $110 for a six-pack of beer? You would have to if you wanted Sapporo’s Space Barley, a beer made from barley grown in the International Space Station, according to an article on mentalfloss.com.

Another high-priced beer is Brewdog’s The End of History, which is considered to be the second most-expensive and third-strongest beer on the planet. The $765 price tag for a 330 ml bottle is more impressive when you realize that the bottle is actually made out of stuffed roadkill—now that’s appetizing.

Probably the most expensive beer in the world would be Antarctic Nail Ale by Nail Brewing. A 500 ml bottle will set you back up to $1,815 at auction, although it has gone as cheap as $800. The good news is that the money goes to a good cause—the proceeds go to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, an animal rights organization made famous by the television series “Whale Wars.”

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