What’s Really in Your Bottled Coffee Drink

t’s a hot afternoon, you’re feeling bedraggled by work, and you crave the fast pick-me-up of a cold coffee drink.

One option: Stand in line at Starbucks, working your way through a confusing menu only to wrap your tongue around twisted titles like “Venti Java Chip Frappuccino with 2% hold the whipped.” Or, you can just reach into the refrigerator section, grab a cold bottle of premade java, and go.

But what’s actually in that bottle? A lot less coffee, and a lot more stuff, than you might think. In fact, about half of your bottled drink is comprised of sweeteners, preservatives, thickeners, and of course milk. And that means that what you’re getting for your money is a lot less pick-me-up, and a lot more let-me-down.

The research team at Eat This, Not That! magazine took a typical 9.5 fl. oz. bottle into our food lab to determine exactly what’s inside. Read on to see the percentage-by-percentage breakdown—and then learn more astonishing truths about the food industry in our special report: 24 Ways the Food Industry Is Making You Fat—Exposed!

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