Why I Will Always Love Jordan Wine Estate

My first intersection with Jordan wine estate happened before I had even moved to Cape Town, which was 15 years ago.

I was a university student, living in Durban and was spending some of my summer holiday in Cape Town with some friends. In those days I understood as much about wine as I understood about women, very little (ok, nothing). We had been wine tasting all day, as one is able to when one is young, and my inexperienced palate was feeling quite abused by that stage. Jordan was our last stop for the day, but I was quite keen to sit this one out. In those days we each had about 5 rubber arms so it took my friends all of 30 seconds to bully me into tasting the wines. I was blown away, the smooth, silky cab washed over my jaded tongue like a healing elixir. I can’t tell you which other wine farms we went to that day, but Jordan was etched in my mind.

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