Mulderbosch Vineyards Wine and Weed pairing guide

Wine, cheese and weed? Enjoying all three at once is nothing new, but the movement that officially recognizes the similarities between these tasting parallels is only just starting to gain momentum.

The days of illegal marijuana were a far simpler time, without the complexities of flavors among so many different varieties of indica, sativa and hybrid strains. Today, there are 1,356 strain results on weed site Leafly — and while not all of those are legitimately unique, this new-found variety is opening an entirely new subculture of cannabis connoisseurs and an industry that could one day resemble the long-accepted world of wine.

As a sommelier representing Mulderbosch Vineyards, Paul Yanon’s hope is for the conversation and connection between wine and cannabis to go mainstream.

“We’re in a really interesting place in the perception and evolution of marijuana. Something that has been enjoyed in the privacy of people’s homes is slowly making it into the mainstream, and it doesn’t have to be a secret anymore,” says Yanon.