9 Best CBD and THC-Infused Drinks to Try

Buying from a pot dealer isn’t the only way to get high. You can find auto flower seeds for sale and grow fresh buds at home or explore no-smoke edibles and tinctures. If you’re in the mood for a unique experience, why not have a shot of weed liquor?

Marijuana beverages are taking the market by storm. Some mellow the intoxicating effect of booze with CBD, while others replace the alcohol with THC. Both are must-tries for cannabis and adult beverage enthusiasts.

Below are nine brands innovating the drink industry with weed.

Nirvana Vodka

Are you looking for liquor with weed in it? Try Nirvana Vodka. The manufacturer distills a neutral spirit ten times before infusing it with a sativa cannabis extract. They use pure CBD to tame the punch of this 40% alcohol drink.

Instead of blackout drunkenness, you get a light buzz streaked with CBD clarity. The flavor is clean, crisp, and yet complex. The rich nuttiness of marijuana overlays the sharp alcoholic base, making this vodka effortless to drink straight. Cocktail lovers find that fruity mixers emphasize its smooth taste.

Keef Soda

Certain occasions call for a classic can of soda. Why not satisfy your nostalgia and get a buzz on with the same beverage? That’s what you get with Keef Soda. Perfect after dinner, it’s sweet, smooth, and as strong as you want.

Infused with hybrid strains, Keef delivers a psychoactive high to uplift the mind and relax the body. The recreational version has 10 milligrams of THC and CBD per can, making it punchy but manageable. You can also get medicinal Keef soda with 50 or even 100 milligrams of THC.


S*Shots produces small-package cannabis-infused beverages packing 100 milligrams of THC. The experience is flavorful, explosive, and all-encompassing, suitable for straight consumption and magic mixes.

The beverage offers a smokeless high with instant effects. The brand employs nano-emulsion technology to ensure no THC goes to waste. The taste is sweet yet tangy, resembling classic lemonade as it touches your tongue. Grape juice concentrate softens the sour base.

Hazy Dry Gin

Aqua Sativa’s Hazy Dry Gin is the perfect weed liquor for CBD enthusiasts. With 40% alcohol and non-psychoactive cannabidiol, it’s strong but not overpowering. The distillery proposes pairing it with pineapple juice, but it tastes so good that you can have it on the rocks.

The flavor profile is fresh and leafy, with citrus peel, ginger, and coriander notes. It’s smooth and gentle on the throat, leaving a rich aftertaste. If you’re not a fan of dry spirits, the company also stocks handcrafted strawberry gin.

Colorado High Vodka

If you’re looking for marijuana-infused alcohol that doesn’t get you high, you can’t go wrong with Colorado High. This beverage pairs US-produced, 40% alcohol vodka with natural raw hemp grains.

The brand produces super-clean vodka that slides down your throat and leaves a luxurious mouthfeel. The oily hemp grains remove the bite from the alcohol. The finish is subtly sweet and nutty, making it one of the best spirits to have straight.

Humboldt’s Finest

Another cannabis liquor free of THC, Humboldt’s Finest is an exclusive spirit produced in small batches. The beverage contains 40% alcohol and locally-grown hemp for a botanical twist. It’s bright, smooth, and oh-so-herbal, sliding down your throat like gin.

Drinkers note cucumber, basil, pine, and lemongrass in the aroma, ideal for hot summer nights and refreshing cocktails. Since it’s free of cannabinoids, you can get Humboldt’s legally in all fifty states.

Klaus Cocktails

Cannabis cocktails are easy to mix, but what if you’re away from the kitchen? Klaus offers the convenience of a canned beverage without sacrificing flavor. Perfect over ice, this drink delivers tart ginger tastes reminiscent of margarita or daiquiri. Instead of alcohol, it has 10 milligrams of THC.

The craft marijuana cocktail is fast-acting and potent, inducing a mind-and-body high in minutes. Its aromatic qualities only get more enticing once you’re under the influence.


ALT stands for ‘Advanced Liquid Technology’ and sells zero-sugar, zero-calorie vials of THC liquor. Pair these 5 or 10-milligram shots with tasty non-alcoholic cocktails for an added buzz. You can also down a vial in isolation for a quick, neat, flavorless, and odorless high.

Shots come in slim and portable packages with ALT. They produce effects in 5–15 minutes. The spectrum incorporates physical and psychological euphoria, setting you up for parties and game nights with friends.


Napa Valley wines from the CannaVine brand pair gorgeous vintages with Cali’s top-selling cannabis strains. The distillery uses only CBD and terpenes from their cultivars, removing the psychoactive compound and keeping the feel-good effects.

The selection includes a red blend with Headband weed, Chardonnay with Sour Diesel, and Rose with Granddaddy Purple. Each is a unique experience; all three are pure pleasure.

Weed Drinks: Buzzy and Delicious

Whether looking for CBD alcohol or heavy-hitting THC shots, our list has your back. Try these brands and discover a different way to enjoy both substances. Once you know what you like, buy seeds, grow weed, and make CBD or THC-infused alcohol at home.