Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Order

Today, not drinking becomes more and more popular, which makes bars and restaurants around the country work on delicious alcohol-free options.

Parties and other events are usually associated with drinking. Actually, in most cases, drinking is equal to having fun, which makes people order cocktails and shots to get in the right mood. The menus of bars, clubs, and restaurants are packed with various delicious combinations to match any taste, but when you ask for alcohol-free stuff available, the choice becomes much smaller. Non-drinkers have always been uncomfortable taking part in parties due to the lack of cocktails and the jokes made by their friends and colleagues, but today everything has changed. You no longer need to be content with coke and club soda: now, you can choose from a range of tasty drinks that will blow your mind.

Top recommendations on delicious non-alcohol drinksĀ 

People can choose not to consume alcohol for many reasons: they have health problems, they are pregnant, or they just don`t like it, and that is already a good reason. But not drinking alcohol doesn`t mean you can`t enjoy your time at a party or in the company of your friends. Due to the rise of the so-called sober movement and healthy lifestyle, now bars and cafes all over the US offer more interesting, tasty, and alcohol-free options for non-drinkers. In this article, we have brought together some great cocktails you can order in a bar not being afraid to wake up with a hangover the following morning:

Vanilla Latte Cocktail

 Best Non Alcoholic Beverages to Order

Have you heard about the Irish latte drink? Usually, it`s made of one espresso shot, coffee and cream liqueurs, milk, and some Irish whiskey. Now you have an option to enjoy this drink without alcohol. Your ice latte cocktail prepared with the help of the best Latte Machine can contain the same components, some vanilla added and just be alcohol-free: believe us, it is as tasty as the classic option;

Alcohol-free Spritz

spritz Best Non Alcoholic Beverages to Order

If you like Aperol Spritz, you will also love its non-alcoholic version that includes fresh grapefruit and lime juice, club soda, and some cinnamon. This drink will be a great refreshing option both in summer and in cold winter evenings. In fact, you can order other your favorite cocktails like Mojito, Pina Colada and Virgin Beach (instead of Sex on the Beach) just asking barman to keep them alcohol-free and thus, cheaper.

The Devocion Tonic

The Devocion Tonic Best Non Alcoholic Beverages to Order

Did you know that mixing grapefruit juice and espresso can be so tasty? We didn`t either, but it makes a perfect cocktail for your evening. You will need some lemon juice, sweet vanilla syrup, tonic (tasteless but energetic), cold brew, and, of course, grapefruit juice. Ask barman to mix all the ingredients and maybe add some other to their taste to make the cocktail better.

Hibiscus Iced Tea

Cool Down Hibiscus Iced Tea 700x467 Best Non Alcoholic Beverages to Order

This may not be the most popular drink at a party, but if you keep a healthy lifestyle, it can be your health boost. Hibiscus can help you predict and get rid of hypertension, normalize your blood pressure and sugar level, and control weight loss and digestion processes. No matter what people can say, this is a tasty drink with multiple benefits.

Mulled Cider

GG cider Best Non Alcoholic Beverages to Order

The cocktail is a perfect combination of clove, some spicy black pepper, and some anise complemented with cinnamon that is perfect for warming up. It is tasty, it will help you detox, and it definitely should be on your top drinks list to try

Orange Creamsicle

Boozy Orange Creamsicle Float 700x908 Best Non Alcoholic Beverages to Order

The drink consists of orange juice (obviously), lime, vanilla, hazelnut syrup, tonic, and some ice. Served with an orange slice and topped with cream, it is a sweet drink good both for men and women.

Ginger shot

ginger shot Best Non Alcoholic Beverages to Order

If you are tired of watching your friends drinking a few shots in a row and becoming drunk, now you have an alternative: a friendly for your liver shot with ginger and lemon juice, sweet honey, and some syrup to your taste. If you aim to cheer up and have fun, this is a must-have drink for you, and nobody will ever know that it is alcohol-free unless you tell them.

Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple Drink Recipe 667x1000 Best Non Alcoholic Beverages to Order

This taste is known from our childhood: for this cocktail, you will need grenadine, a bottle of sprite, and a cherry for the top. This is a winning combination of a sweet and tasty drink. You can also mix it with other ingredients as long as you don`t add alcohol.

Roy Rogers

Roy Rogers 1 1 Best Non Alcoholic Beverages to Order

A more masculine alternative of the above-mentioned drink, it consists of coca-cola, the grenadine syrup, and one cherry, which makes it taste like a cherry coke. Nevertheless, it looks like a real drink with whiskey or rum and nobody will ever guess that the boost you get is not caused by alcohol.


Cinderella cocktail 700x728 Best Non Alcoholic Beverages to Order

The cocktail will make you a princess, but a sober princess. It contains club soda, some lemon and orange juice combination, grenadine and a bit of pineapple juice. It is super sweet, tasty and will give you sparkle without the need to suffer from the hangover the following morning.

Mock champagne

Sparkling Wine 700x470 Best Non Alcoholic Beverages to Order

At such events as birthdays or weddings, when all the guests have their glasses filled with champagne, you can avoid drinking alcohol, just replacing it with ale or apple juice. It looks the same, tastes good, and lets you enjoy the toast and bubbles.

The best option at any party is to order something virgin, which can be any classic cocktail, just alcohol-free. Add a little umbrella, and enjoy your time.