Antonio Banderas unveils his own brand of fine wine

His velvet voice and Spanish accent have seduced a lotof women over the years.Now, Antonio Banderas has added another string to his bow by releasing his own brand of wine.

The Mask of Zorro star introduced his Anta Banderas wines at the annual South Beach Wine and Food Festival, on Saturday, at Sunset Corners.

The Daily Mail reported that the Banderas signed bottles and spoke of his love and passion for making a good fine wine that everyone can enjoy.

The 51-year-old actor’s casual look did not keep the ladies away and he was surrounded by female fans as he hosted the intimate introduction to his new venture. He wore a green V-neck T-shirt with a checked shirt and torn jeans which he teamed with a brown cap and sunglasses. Smokin!

antonio wine Antonio Banderas unveils his own brand of fine wine

The star spent around an hour in the store talking about the wine and signing bottles and told ‘I always wanted to produce my own wine, but it requires time that I do not have. Then I found Anta Project. Maximum quality vineyards and grapes, and ultimate technology in the ‘bodega’ (winery).’

He added: ‘I travelled with my family in 2008 and we loved the place and the team. The decision was made, it was a family winery, just what I was looking for.’