Belgian Culinary Experts Produce Tasty Book on Food and Pinotage

Three of Belgium’s most well-known food and wine experts have joined forces with the SA Pinotage Association to produce a digital publication on South Africa’s most famous indigenous grape variety, Pinotage.

The book, titled Pinotage and Food Within the Five Continents, was written by Guido Francque, restaurateur and honorary member of the SA Pinotage Association and Dries Cornellia, sommelier at Belgian three-star Michelin restaurant Hertog Jan, with Fabien Scheys, a food and wine specialist, hospitality consultant responsible for the photography.

(Image Caption: Beyers Truter, chairman of the SA Pinotage Association, with Dries Cornellia, left, and Guido Francque.)

According to Francque, he and Pinotage Association chairman Beyers Truter decided that there was a need for a publication on Pinotage that rightfully presents this grape variety and its wines as a national South African treasure with a global footprint on the food and wine scene.

“As previous owner of three-star Michelin restaurant Hertog Jan, I fell in love with Pinotage after meeting Beyers and being introduced to the diverse variety of South African Pinotages,” says Francque. “When I began serving Pinotage in the restaurant and saw the manner in which the wine complemented top cuisine of the highest order and the appreciation it generated among our international customers, I knew that in Pinotage South Africa had a wine of world-class individuality made to a variety of styles from different pockets of terroir.”

In Pinotage and Food Within the Five Continents, readers are introduced to the history and regions of Pinotage, with a strong accent on the variety of terroir expressions of South Africa’s diverse Pinotage-producing regions. A brief summary of the techniques used to make Pinotage is given, as well as the different styles spanning the Pinotage spectrum of juicy, elegant, fruity and distinguished.

With young sommelier Dries Cornellia, a strong accent is placed on Pinotage’s role as a complement to food. Here intricate tables of Pinotage flavour profiles and their ideal culinary pairings are offered, the strong message being that Pinotage truly belongs on the table of world cuisine.

Whether the food is Asian, North-African, Australian, American or classically European, here Pinotage comes to the fore as a red wine suited to the cooking of all nations. The book includes a number of recipes from Hertog Jan Chef Peter Lefevre, from a traditional American Hamburger and BBQ Spare-ribs to Japanese Wagyu beef-tomato, Australian Kangaroo to Roasted Pigeon in Pastry.

Not forgetting a traditional Bobotie dish, of course!

All recipes are presented with a complete list of ingredients, cooking guidelines and expertly styled photography.

According to Beyers, Pinotage and Food Within the Five Continents takes readers on an international journey with a glass of their favourite Pinotage in the hand.

“It is an honour to see Pinotage in the august company of Guido and his talented team who are at the top of their game in the food and wine world,” says Beyers. “The attention to detail in analysing the relationship between Pinotage’s different styles and regional profiles with the flavours of various foods is truly astounding. Sure, for me Pinotage is still great with a chop on a braai, but after reading this book a new world awaits. I’d better get a new stove.”

Pinotage and Food Within the Five Continents can be downloaded for free at