Introducing the spill-proof Hangover Cup

Feeling fragile? A spill-proof, two-handled, 1 litre sippy cup for those times you absolutely have to remain horizontal.

Hangovers are caused by alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic and makes you pee, which makes you dehydrated. Usually you fall asleep in this state and during the night your liver has to process heaps of toxins, while the rest of your body lacks the fluids vital to function comfortably. In the morning you have a headache because your brain has temporarily SHRUNK due to dehydration, and is pulling on the INSIDE OF YOUR SKULL! (I had to research this for the write up and, believe me, it upset me just as much to read). The solution? Hundred Million’s Hangover Cup!

Using the technology perfected over centuries by tiny, needy toddlers, we’ve designed an adult-sized sippy cup for the times you’re just too fragile to be vain about these things. The benefits of our Hangover Cup include:

– Leak-proof silicone valve
– Two easy to hold handles
– Huge 1 litre capacity
– Heat proof up to 120 celsius; perfect for hot/cold drinks
– BPA free, dishwasher safe Polypropylene material

Whether you fill it with coffee, or energy drink, or fruit juice, or ice-cold water, or fresh detoxing smoothie or tequila – you can now arrive home from the bar safe in the knowledge you’ve everything you need for the morning after chilling in the fridge or waiting on the table. Grab it before you go to sleep, and everything will be okay.

The Hangover Cup was successfully funded as a crowd-funded Kickstarter project in October 2015.