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Introducing the spill-proof Hangover Cup

Feeling fragile? A spill-proof, two-handled, 1 litre sippy cup for those times you absolutely have to remain horizontal.


Beetroot Juice Improves Endurance and Blood Pressure

Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have found that a daily dose of beetroot juice significantly improved exercise endurance and blood pressure in elderly patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFPEF).


Wine corks ensure more tender octopus

Oscar Espejo is usually to be found up in the wild blue yonder because he is a pilot. But once he’s back on terra firma, he heads for the kitchen and his favorite pastime — cooking.


Africa Is the Fastest Growing Beer Market in the World

It seems that in addition to fast food, the beer market in Africa is also on the rise, according to Canadean’s Global Beer Trends Report.


Vote for the Franschhoek Wine Dog of the Year and win

To celebrate the launch of the printable Franschhoek Wine Dog Calendar for 2016 we invite you to enter our online competition.


Drinking coffee saves liver from alcohol damage

Drinking as little as one cup of coffee a day could help protect you from liver disease caused by alcohol, according to research published today. People who drink one cup of coffee are 20% less


CT Art Fair

Its been a mixed week for art in Cape Town. On Tuesday the UCT poo flingers association necklaced a bunch of paintings on campus while last night saw the opening of the Cape Town Art Fair at the Inte


WSET tells Africa to Stuff Off

A bombshell from WSET, the Wine & Spirits Education Trust that has largely displaced the Cape Wine Academy as the wine education "go to" institution in SA thanks to the efforts of former Nose Wine


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