Jamie Foxx To Host Grey Goose Online Series

Grey Goose vodka has recruited actor Jamie Foxx to host a nine-part online series that delves into the “brilliant imaginations of some of the biggest names in film”.

The series, called Off Script, will follow Foxx as he has one-on-one conversations with actors, including Jeremy Renner, Vince Vaughn, Denzel Washington, Melissa McCarthy and Gabrielle Union.

Set in a custom-built trailer, each episode will see Foxx and his guest have “free-flowing and spontaneous conversation” about their lives and the “iconic films that shaped their careers”. The series will reveal the creative break throughs and influences behind each actor.

“I’m so excited to be joining the amazing Off Script production team. I can’t wait to dive into interesting conversations about film with some of my most respected peers in the entertainment industry,” said Foxx.

“What I love most about this series is that viewers are going to walk away feeling inspired by the personal stories from our guests and the movies that influenced them.”

Off Script follows in the footsteps of Grey Goose’s first series, Iconoclasts, which was launched in partnership with the Sundance Channel in 2013.

Viewers can watch the Off Script series on www.greygooseoffscript.com.

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