Nuns From Uganda Making Wine on Weltevrede

They came from a place called Mbarara in Uganda. The Switzerland of Africa some say. They belong to a family of sisters called the Poor Clares. Decades ago French monks planted vines in the garden of their monastery of which the sisters made wine over the years. Although there was much commitment in their efforts they had little success to show, until things changed in 2005.


The monastery was visited by President Museveni. He offered to sponsor a trip for four sisters to anywhere in the world to increase their winemaking knowledge. They proved to be nuns with an adventurous spirit, surfed the internet and sent off mails in all wind directions. The only reply came from Weltevrede.


When they left I assisted in exporting 100 vines of Red Muscadel and 400 vines of Shiraz to Uganda which they planted and cared for. The Red Muscadel never grew, but the Shiraz thrived…

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