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There’s A Cheese And Whiskey Tasting Happening In Belfast And Dublin

Forget wine, there's a cheese and whiskey tasting happening in Belfast this month and Dublin next month. Bushmills Irish Whiskey has teamed up with renowned cheese affineur Ned Palmer to host a series


Bushmills Black Bush To Bring Together The Arts Of Whiskey And Cheese Tasting

Exclusive whiskey and cheese pairing masterclasses will roll out this winter


Bushmills Black Bush To Bring Together The Arts Of Whiskey And Cheese Tasting

Bushmills Irish Whiskey is collaborating with renowned cheese affineur and founder of The Cheese Tasting Company, Ned Palmer, to host a series of whiskey and cheese pairing masterclasses across Irelan


The Dead Rabbit Team Brings Irish Whiskey Festival To New York City

The team behind famed bar The Dead Rabbit is bringing an Irish whiskey festival to New York City. In advance of that, Jack McGarry sits down with The Manual to talk about the state of Irish whiskey.


Who Is?

During her time as master blender, Helen Mulholland has overseen a number of new-product launches, including the Steamship Collection, the brand?s first global trave...


Irish Whiskey Masterclass: 11 Things You Need To Know

We catch up with Bushmills? master distiller, who tells Sam Wylie-Harris more about this liquid gold.


Bushmills Irish Whiskey To Bring The Flavours Of Single Malt To Supper

An intimate dining experience showcasing the award-winning Bushmills Single Malts range through a whiskey-inspired menu, curated by renowned Northern Irish chef, Will Brown


Photos From Kid Karate’s Whiskey-filled Tour

Turns out punk rock and whiskey make for a great party.


10 Best Whiskies For Irish Coffee

We asked bartenders from around the country for their picks for the best whiskey for Irish coffee, one of our favorite hot cocktails.


Sb Voices: Irish Whiskey Needs More Transparency

Irish whiskey's soaring popularity is an extraordinary achievement for the category following its troubled past ? but producers must be careful to ensure transparency across the board to protect the s