Man Mountain: Game Of Thrones Star Weighs 183kg, Eats 10,000 Calories A Day

Hafthor Bjornsson goes by the nickname Thor, can lift more than double his own weight, and eats as much as five men during his day.


Game Of Thrones’ The Mountain Shares Wedding Photo

Congratulations are in order!


Game Of Thrones’ The Mountain Shares Wedding Photo

Congratulations are in order!


‘the Mountain’ Shares The 6 Commandments Behind His Strength

The Mountain delivered 6 commandments he lives by in order to cultivate mass, increase strength, and smash the competition, surprising some in the process.


Everything You Need To Know About Weightlifter And Got Actor Hafthor Bjornsson

HAFTHOR Bjornsson is a force to be reckoned with in the world of weightlifting. Here’s everything you need to know about the record breaker and Game of Thrones star… Who is Hafthor Bjor…


Актер “Игры престолов” прорекламировал собственную водку


Game Of Thrones’ The Mountain Actor Talks Life-changing Role

Getting cast as Game of Thrones’ The Mountain made Thor Björnsson a star worldwide, especially at home in Iceland. Now he looks back on that fateful call.


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Mountain Vodka – National women’s day in Iceland

Gleðilegan konudag! It's was national women's day here in Iceland (19.2.2017), so Hafthor the gentleman decided to hand out flowers and Mountain vodka miniat...


Video: ?the Mountain? Advertising Icelandic Mountain Vodka

The new drink is produced by Icelandic Mountain Spirits, and is described as ?a high-end luxury vodka?, with pure Icelandic water as its key ingredient.