Jim Beam recently celebrated the filling of its 17 millionth barrel of bourbon since prohibition, and remarkably, noted the filling of one million barrels during 18 months of the pandemic.


Jim Beam has launched Barreled & Boxed, a limited membership program which will see those who join it receiving quarterly shipments of "coveted whiskies, specialty liquids and new-to-market innova


Jim Beam has achieved a pandemic-era production milestone by filling 1 million barrels during the COVID-19 outbreak.


The bourbon giant said it has filled one million barrels since the pandemic began last March.


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Jim Beam Orange combines a juicy, bright orange flavor with Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey to give a light and bright twist to simple summer cocktails such as a Jim Beam Orange Highball.


Beam Suntory has extended its Jim Beam Bourbon portfolio with an orange-flavoured variant