A Florida Home Has Been Dubbed The ‘house Of Budweiser’ For Its Floor-to-ceiling Beer Cans That Cover The Interior

The previous homeowner of Florida's "House of Budweiser" spent 16 years decorating almost every room in the house with empty beer cans that he drank.


A Former Starbucks Barista Shares 9 Of The Most Annoying Drink Orders

A former barista at the chain shared the most time-consuming drinks to make and worst orders to hear, from seasonal Frappuccinos to extra-hot lattes.

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A Former Starbucks Barista Shares 11 Of The Best Things To Order, From Secret Drinks To Desserts

A former Starbucks barista shares the best food, drink, and "secret menu" items to get from the coffee chain, plus how to order them correctly.


The California Woman Who Refused To Wear A Face Mask In Starbucks Is Considering Suing To Get Half Of The Barista’s $100,000 In Gofundme Tips

People raised more than $100,000 for Lenin Gutierrez, a Starbucks barista who was shamed by Amber Gilles for trying to enforce a face-mask rule.


10 Things You Should Never Do At Starbucks, According To A Former Employee

Picking up the wrong drink from the counter and ordering off the "secret menu" are just some of the things that annoy this former Starbucks worker.


Kendall Jenner Posts Lengthy Message In Support Of The Black Lives Matter Movement After Her Controversial Pepsi Ad Resurfaced

The model was also called out by a friend of Harry Styles, who joked that Jenner wasn't at the protests because she was "looking for a Pepsi."


A Dad Built His Daughter Mini Versions Of Target And Starbucks So They Could Still Go To Their Favorite Places While Stuck At Home

On his days off from his job as a police officer, Diego Gonzalez built a Target cash register and a Starbucks stand complete with real groceries.


21 Castles And Royal Residences You Can Explore From Your Couch, From The Palace Of Versailles To Windsor Castle

Virtual castle tours offer a chance to escape to a world of royalty without ever having to step foot outside your home.


The Best Wedding Venue In Every State, According To Couples

From a scenic lake nestled in the Alaskan mountains to an elegant estate in North Carolina, these venues are perfect for tying the knot.


Wellness Influencers Are Promoting Not Drinking Any Water At All, And Health Experts Say It’s ‘ridiculous’

Dietitian Nichola Ludlam-Raine told Insider that "telling people not to drink water is highly irresponsible."

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