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Scientists Locate Parent Lightning Strokes Of Sprites

Thunderstorms can generate various forms of transient luminous events, such as red sprites, gigantic jets, and blue jets through the charge transfer involved in the lightning forged inside thunderclou


Sprite’s Ads With Lebron James Beat ‘thirst’—and Declining Industry Trends

The Coca-Cola-owned brand has found bold new ways to feature James since his rookie days in 2003


Scientists Locate Parent Lightning Strokes Of Sprites

A research team from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences reported the location results for the parent lightning strokes of more than 30 red sprites observed over an


Sprite Campaign

Sprite ‘Refresh and Recharge’ campaign, which started on July 23 concluded on August 31.


Bill Vance: ‘bugeye’ Sprite Was An Immediate Hit

The Austin Healey Sprite recaptured the sports-car spirit of its 1930s namesake, the small, eager Riley Sprite. At the same time, it also recaptured the essence of the first post-war MGs by . . .


Sprite Campaign

The Sprite Recharge and Refresh offer continues to cross over 10,000 winners daily.


Global Soft Drink Market Growth 2018-2024: Huiyuan, Coca Cola, Hedetang, Sprite – Tactical Business


Coca-cola Launched 500 Drinks Last Year. Most Taste Nothing Like Coke.

CEO James Quincey is pushing the soda giant?s global subsidiaries to develop more local flavors in pursuit of growth. Enter chunky mango and a laxative Sprite.


Sprite Campaign

Sprite Refresh and Recharge promotional campaign continues to gain momentum with over 10,000 consumers participating daily.


The Magic Of Watching My Sisters Come Alive On Film

Her books are based on her own magical East Anglian childhood. Now Sheridan Winn is watching them come to life on a film set

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