Celebrate World Malbec Day With These 22 Top South African Wines

Malbec is arguably Argentina’s best wine variety and it’s gaining popularity around the world.


Top South African Winery Restaurants with Spectacular Views

Dining in the winelands of South Africa comes with more than great food and wines; it also comes with stunning views. The restaurants below all offer delectable food and inspirational views over the surrounding landscapes.


Top 10 South African Wineries With The Best Looking Winemakers

South Africa is known for its breathtaking beauty.


South Africa’s first rate and review site, dedicated to the winelands, has been restored.

It rises from your browser history like a long lost porn site. South Africa’s first rate and review site, dedicated to the winelands, has been restored.


MCQP to host its first ever Christmas in July party

For the very first time in its 24 years existence, the organisers of MCQP have announced a “Christmas in July” party that will be taking place on Friday, 28 July 2017.


Highlights from the 2016 Chenin Blanc Showcase

The Chenin Blanc Showcase took place at the Cape Grace Hotel in Cape Town on Monday, 20 June 2016.


The Best South African Craft Gin Brands to Follow on Instagram

A growing taste for craft gin among ginthusiasts has spurred an explosion in boutique gin producers.


3 Red-Hot South African Wines for Winter

Cold winter weather calls for scarves and mittens, a warming fire and big, bold and flavourful reds.


Identifying the Oysters on Your Plate and Picking the Best Beers to Pair with Them

Like wine and cheese, beer and oysters are a classic culinary paring.


This Winter you can enjoy a weekend getaway to Cape Town for less!

This weekend, you can either spend two miserable hours on the Ben Schoeman trying to get to a crowded rugby match in Pretoria, or you can spend that time wisely and head down to Cape Town,

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