Mapping Terroir: Day One

Well the first day blind tasting for the Pendock Winelands Guide 2013 is now history. 88 wines in a rainy Durbanville and 77 in teaming Tulbagh, with the survivors shown below.

20120720 230853 Mapping Terroir: Day One

So how are the terroirs shaping up? Some observations:

Terrific natural acidity in Durbanville yields Sauvignon Blancs of intense focus and poise.
Amazing Chenins Blanc in Tulbagh, especially in the case of wines with a bit of bottle age.
The Brett problem encountered in last week’s ABSA Top Ten Pinotage Competition has reached Het Land van Waveren.
Our top wine in Durbanville was a red blend. Are pyrazines in Durbanville Cabernets really such a problem?

Off to Bot River tomorrow, chasing the Terroir Tiger. Grrrhhh!