Silver Creek Craft Distillery launches South Africa’s first Margarita Moonshine

If you enjoy a good Margarita, then this all-new Margarita Moonshine might just be your next favourite drink.

The ready-to-drink Moonshine cocktail is the latest innovation in Silver Creek‘s Southern Moonshine range of unaged, small-batch American-style moonshines.

Margarita Moonshine is no mixer, amigo. It’s the all-in-one party-in-a-bottle, served up in a bespoke moonshine jug with nifty finger loop that emulates the easy-going spirit of Mexico – the spiritual home of the Margarita.

“In making the Margarita Moonshine, we wanted to create something laid-back and fun-loving. The classic Margarita, said to have first originated in a 1930s bar in Tijuana, was the inspiration,” says Silver Creek Craft Distillery founder and chief distiller Mark Taverner. “When you’re drinking our Margarita Moonshine, you’ll feel right there on an endless beach in Cancún or partying in one of the city’s most vibey nightclubs.”

margarita moonshine styled image hr 1 Silver Creek Craft Distillery launches South Africas first Margarita Moonshine

Margarita Moonshine can be served the typical way, with crushed ice in a salt-rimmed glass and lime-wheel garnish (with a splash of quality soda for added zest); or, as a straight shooter.

Bright lime-green in colour, it’s a drink with a fresh zing. Plus, at 24% alcohol, this will be almost anybody’s solution for a good time.

Located in Gauteng’s Randfontein, the state-of-the-art Silver Creek Craft Distillery produces a variety of moonshine products. Everything by hand – from mashing and fermentation to distillation and bottling. This process allows for extra special care, which is why every bottle is signed by the distiller.

The new Margarita Moonshine retails at around R260 a bottle and is available along with the full Silver Creek range, online at, and selected bars, restaurants and liquor outlets around the country. Visit for more information.