South Africans Can Now Quench Their Thirst With Freely, A Hard Seltzer With Zero Sugar And Low Alcohol

Hard Seltzer is the latest buzzword on the drinks scene with yet nother hard seltzer called Freely arriving in step with the growing trend towards alternative refreshment for a lighter, more balanced lifestyle.

Crafted by a small, independent local producer, Freely is a proudly South African sparkling water with a splash of premium distilled vodka and pure fruit taste tailormade for living your best life.

Creating a global buzz after exploding onto the American market, hard seltzers, American for soda water, are low-calorie blends of sparkling water, alcohol and natural fruit flavours. 

What sets Freely apart from other hard seltzers, is its lower alcohol content (just 3%), lower calories (23 kilocalories per 100ml), zero sugar and, above all, premium taste. As a spirit based drink, Freely is also gluten free and vegan friendly, ticking all the right boxes.

Now you can Live Freely and Enjoy Freely with three refreshing flavours – zesty Lime, perky Peach and a burst of Wild Berry – in stylish glass bottles for the ultimate pure taste experience.

Savour lighter living and stay fresh with this inspiring, on-trend poolside, weekend, anywhere anytime sparkler. This vibrant new arrival is the perfect refreshment for an active lifestyle and comes at just the right time to shed those lockdown blues.

Available exclusively at Checkers LiquorShop countrywide, Freely sells at R79.99 for a pack of four 275ml glass bottles.