Strawberry Lips: The Pink Liqueur Made For Women

Strawberry Lips is famously known as a delicate blend of Strawberry flavoured cream liqueur laced with premium gold tequila. It is a top-selling and proudly South African drink, and versatile as a serve over crushed ice, in a cocktail, shottail, milkshake or over ice cream.

Strawberry Lips may be a fun, silky-smooth drink, perfect for any occasion, but the brand is also synonymous with encouraging and supporting a culture of strong, empowered and successful South African women. Through numerous campaigns promoting inspirational female role models and aligned causes, Strawberry Lips continuously contributes to the shaping of future South Africa.

There was a gap in the market to provide a drink that delivered a great taste and versatility that it could be enjoyed as a long drink, shooter, in a cocktail, or as part of a dessert. Strawberry Lips filled that gap, selling over 100 000 cases within the first nine months of the financial year.

Strawberry Lips is easy to drink and almost tastes the same as the good old fashioned strawberry steri stumpi that most consumers enjoyed as a child.