Love it or hate it, tequila conjures up strong feelings in many drinkers.


The only true hangover cure is likely prevention, and there’s an app for that.


An elk in Colorado was spotted holding on to perhaps the very last remnant of a Thanksgiving celebration in his mouth.


The holy grail of wine is getting a bargain bottle to taste like an expensive one. But can that really be done with a blender.


Hoby Wedler was born blind and curious 27 years ago.


For those that rang in 2015 with a little too much champagne, that can only mean one thing: a hangover.


Dominic West says Price Harry and others celebrated last month’s South Pole trek by drinking champagne out of a prosthetic leg, and Harry was instrumental in keeping up the spirits of the team.


A server at Club Colette, a restaurant in Palm Beach, Fla., was allegedly assaulted by the chief of a private equity firm for bringing the check to the table prematurely.


Fifty-three percent of all people age 12 to 20 have engaged in underage drinking at some point in their lives, according to a study by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.


Following the explosion in demand for designer bags, Italian suits and fast cars, expensive French and Italian wines are set to be the next must-have accessory for the wealthy Chinese consumer.

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