Alex Lawrence And Tristan Stephenson Headline Jim Beam Bartender School

Across May and June this year Jim Beam are hosting a brand new UK bartender engagement programme; Jim Beam Presents: Class of 2018


From Zero To Hero: Pecorino Wines Come Back From The Brink

Pecorino was almost extinct – now it’s the fastest growing grape variety in Italy. Darren Smith reports on the rise this Italian favourite.


Wine Isn’t Holding Its Own In Tough Restaurant Trading Conditions

It’s hardly news that the restaurant industry is ailing, but it’s wine in particular that’s struggling for attention, according to Wine Intelligence’s late


What The Demise Of Brecon Tap Tells Us About The Craft Beer Scene

On paper, it looks like a recipe for sure-fire success: Start a brewery, crowdfund an expansion or tap room, and repeat ad infinitum until you achieve beer


Ab Inbev Continues Uk Spree With Acquisition Of Maverick Drinks Parent Company

ZX Ventures, AB InBev’s global incubator and venture capital team, has bought Maverick Drinks owner Atom Group for an undisclosed sum. The deal, which incl


Jubjub Relaunch Targets Drinkers’ Passion Not Their Pockets

Back when this seasoned writer was first running around Shoreditch, all the cool kids had an identical key – one decorated with a flamingo at the top – tha


Plastic Straws Could To Be Banned By 2019

Plastic drinking straws are set to be banned in England by the government as early as next year, after a long campaign to try and halt the pollution of the


10 Wine Buzzwords You Have To Know

Wine is full of trendy buzz-words at the moment. Vegan. Volcanic. Natural. Biodynamic. We run through a selection of the most common ones.


Diageo Invests £150 Million In Edinburgh-based Scotch Whisky Visitor Experience

Diageo are giving their 12 Scotch whisky distilleries a £150 million cash injection for their visitor centres as a huge investment in to Scotch tourism.


The American Bar’s New Menu Provides Snapshot Of Current London Trends

The American Bar's new cocktail menu is inspired by portraits from British photographer Terry O'Neill with drinks that reflect current London trends.

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