Help, I’m Addicted To My Sodastream

A break in the supply chain forced me to confront how much pop I drink — and how much I refuse to feel bad about it.


The lemon Drop Is A Sweet And Sour spin On A Vodka Martini, And You Can Enjoy It In Popsicle Form

Lemon juice combined with simple syrup and Triple Sec yields a cocktail with a sweet and sour flavor profile

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Thousands Of Fish Dead After Massive Jim Beam Bourbon Warehouse Fire

A full tally of fish deaths will be released Monday. Based on early counts, officials anticipate thousands


Jim Beam’s Massive Warehouse Fire: Latest In A Series Of Kentucky Bourbon Distillery Accidents

The equivalent of roughly 6 million bottles of bourbon were lost in a fire Tuesday night

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For Havana Club Rum, The Play’s The Thing: “amparo,” A Cuban Tale Of Exile, Loss And Reclamation

"Amparo" is like "Sleep No More" for a rum whose origin story carries the weight of recent Cuban history


Timeline: How beer went from brilliant mistake to hipsterific

Everywhere you look, there’s a tap handle ready to pour you a nice tall pint of IPA.


Budweiser Wants You To Sext More

The King of Beers and others are cashing in on the ubiquity of sexting


Pepsi, Mcdonalds, Nestle, Other Major Brands Implicated In Illegal Destruction Of Critical Elephant Habitat

A new investigation links major food corporations to a rogue palm oil company that is ravaging the rainforest. VIDEO


David Schwimmer talks wine and waiting tables

David Schwimmer is having a bit of a renaissance this year, following a magnificent performance as Robert Kardashian in FX’s “The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story,” the only man in the whole circus who really believed in his friend “Juice.”


How to pair wine with vegetables

Pairing wines with vegetable-focused dishes — including vegan and vegetarian foods — is easy,

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