George Clooney and Rande Gerber are bringing the Halloween spirit to celebs, fans this year.


Two roommates were at each other's throats over alcohol, and one of them allegedly stabbed the other.


Starbucks is trying to stem the coronavirus by eliminating refillable cups, among other things.


Conor McGregor says he gifted the very first bottle of his Proper No. 12 Whiskey to Vladimir Putin — but the Russian president wouldn’t sip until it was tested for poison.

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Kylie Jenner is about to go from milk-less to milk overload thanks to Almond Breeze.


Think Michael Jordan gets hangovers?


Tribe fans might wanna look away ... 'cause this one's gonna sting.


Diddy called out DJ Whoo Kid in a big/funny/kinda serious way for going all Benedict Arnold on the vodka front.


Michael Jordan hit the club in San Diego this weekend … dancing his face off and sipping VERY expensive tequila … and TMZ Sports has the footage.


Kiefer Sutherland didn’t just drink while filming — “24” co-star Giles Matthey says … he drank BIG … which is interesting in the wake of Freddie Prinze, Jr.’s recent rant.

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