Goop’s healthy homemade morning drinks aren’t cheap, but they’re not $200 either.


Last year, Diane Keaton told us that her idea of perfect happiness is “a glass of red wine with ice.” And she wasn’t kidding.


Even at 84 years old William Shatner is still looking hopefully toward the future—and toward the next great glass of wine. His Web show, Brown Bag Wine Tasting, which enters its second season on Ora TV on May 20, was created out of Shatner’s love of wine and conversation.


Tequila has a bad rep for being the cause for various bad decisions—how did this tattoo get here? Whose pants are these? Why is a strange cat meowing outside my door, and since when do I have a king-size bed?


Make room on your pop-culture-themed bar cart—somewhere near the Game of Thronesbeer and Pitt-Jolie rosé.


Even though a Downton Abbey–branded tea may make all of the merchandising sense in the world, the period drama’s first foray into the beverage market will be not of the herbal but of the vintage variety.


The royal wedding of Prince William and the future Princess Catherine is just 31 days away.

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