Wale Joins Rally Against Muting Of Store That Played Go-go Music

Wale joins D.C. rally to have a local store resume playing go-go music.


Ludacris Raps About His

Listen to Ludacris' new song Vices.


Here’s Why The Weeknd Didn’t Show Up To 2017 Mtv Video Music Awards

The Weeknd was a no-show at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. The Toronto singer was nominated for five awards and set to perform.


The Weeknd’s Private Los Angeles Show Gets Shut Down

Fire marshalls shut down The Weeknd's private show in Los Angeles. Read the details here.


Mike Will Made-it Remixes Fanta Anthem In New Commercial

Mike Will Made-It makes a new remix to the famous Fanta anthem for a new commercial for the Coca-Cola brand. Watch the new ad here.


Vince Staples Works At Carnival In New Sprite Commercial

Vince Staples works at a carnival in this new Sprite commercial. He's a natural.


Nicki Minaj Gets Set To “Revolutionize the Wine Industry” With Myx Fusions

Nicki Minaj is getting in on the adult beverage game, announcing today that she has become part-owner in the fruit-infused wine line Myx Fusions.


Hip-Hop Embraces All Things Wine

As hip-hop culture matures, its taste in liquor continues to evolve. In the past, malt liquor, cognac and champagne were among the drinks of choice.

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