What makes a braai broodjie great?

The first braai broodjie was probably born out of what was available in the fridge: bread, cheese, sliced tomato, onion, and Mrs Ball’s chutney. Nonetheless it was an ingenious invention.

Looking for other exciting flavour combinations, Lust Bistro & Bakery – situated on the Vrede en Lust wine estate  – recently ran a Braai Broodjie bake-off with the aim of possibly adding this weekend treat to its menu.

We chatted to Head chef Johan van Schalkwyk to find out more about how to put together a brilliant braai broodjie.

What makes a braai broodjie great?

The ingredients obviously play a large role in making up the perfect braai broodijie, but so does the company, setting and vibe!

What’s your advice when combining the right flavours?

Less is more! Do not overcomplicate matters by trying to add too much to the broodjie.

Stick to tried-and-tested combinations. For instance, my favourite sarmie since school days consisted of the traditional combination of bobotie and chutney. Very often a favourite sarmie also makes the perfect braai broodjie.

What is it about the food at Lust Bistro & Bakery that makes Vrede en Lust a proudly South African farm?

Bread and wine! Need I say more? We pride ourselves on sourcing local ingredients.

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