Art of Creation inspires Danish masterpiece

In combining winemaking showmanship with culinary artistry, gorgeous flavours with irresistible textures, Creation has gained an enviable reputation for their Wine and Food Pairing. To prove this, this trendsetting estate on the scenic Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge near Hermanus has already won the coveted KLINK Wine Tourism Award for Best Food and Wine Pairing at the Cellar Door twice.

“At Creation we believe that good wines deserve to be enjoyed with good food. That’s why innovative wine pairing, with scrumptious canapés complementing each wine, is an integral part of the Creation experience,” explains co-owner and marketing director Carolyn Martin.

To share Creation’s proud reputation for Wine and Food Pairing with a wider audience, 2014 saw the Estate inviting a number of top South African chefs to select their favourite Creation wine and create a unique dish to match it. This was done on a monthly basis with the chefs kindly sharing their recipes in the media.

Following the success and popularity of their local chef campaign, it was decided to extend it to also include famous international chefs. And, with Copenhagen being one of the foremost culinary centres of the world, who better to invite than the gifted Mark Lundgaard, head chef of the celebrated Kong Hans Kælder ( Established in 1976, this world-renowned restaurant is located in the oldest building in Copenhagen. Gothic arches, built more than half a millennium ago, lend a medieval atmosphere, making it a feast for the eye as well!

Having selected the 2013 Art of Creation Pinot Noir, Mark conjured up a truly unforgettable pairing: his Confit of Sweetbread – Bergamot, Endive & Truffle Sauce. Click here for the recipe.

Thanks to the refreshing natural acidity that cleanses the palate, the superb balance of fruit flavours and tannins and the judicious use of oak, Creation wines are exceptionally food-friendly. Our 2013 Art of Creation Pinot Noir is complex with opulent layers of cherry and plum mingling with earthy flavours of mushroom and an elegant sprinkling of spicea fantastic match for Mark’s masterpiece, comments Carolyn.

Asked about his philosophy as a chef, Mark states that to him gastronomy has nothing to do with art or talent. It is plain and simple hard work and dedication. For me gastronomy is craftsmanship at its finest.