Creation Celebrates All The Papas

Oh, my papa, to me he was so wonderful

Oh, my papa, to me he was so good …


At Creation, Chenin Shines!

The 18th of June is International Chenin Blanc Day and at Creation we celebrate with a generous offer on our delightfully crisp Cool-Climate Chenin Blanc. Order six bottles before 30 June and receive one of them FREE, compliments of Creation. Simply click here to order. 


Creation Innovation In Motion

At Creation every dawn brings an exciting new challenge and innovation is a way of life. This trendsetting spirit has shaped our vision and led to many of our achievements.


Inviting Nature In At Creation

Friends are so inspirational. They send you thoughtful messages just when you need them most. A great example is our friend Baptiste Quinard from Burgundy. For the longest time we’ve been discussing the development of our Tasting Room space. Then, when we hit an all-time low with the pandemic at the beginning of January this year, we received a most precious gift from Baptiste in the form of unique and innovative ideas for an environmentally positive space. I’m delighted to say that Baptiste’s magnificent plans are now a work in progress. 


Making The Best Wines Taste Even Better With The Correct Glassware

Serving your wine in the ‘correct’ glassware is as important as choosing the right wine for the occasion and serving it at the right temperature. So much of the bouquet, taste, balance and finish of a wine can be affected by the glass. That’s why we at Creation have invested in the Riedel Vinum collection of varietal-specific, cold-cut clear crystal glasses to showcase our wines.


A New Brunch Has Dawned At Creation

At Creation one exciting innovation often leads to another. Such is the case with our new brunch menu, which inspired by our recently launched Creation Aromatic Winter Experience, transforms brunch into a unique and irresistible feast for the senses.


Sauvignon Blanc In The Spotlight At Creation

Global Sauvignon Blanc Day on 7 May and the ideal opportunity to place this amazing cultivar centre stage.


Indulge In The Creation Aromatic Winter Experience

There can be but a few places on earth where the natural partnership of wine and food is embraced more inventively than here at Creation! The latest in our ever-evolving repertoire is The Creation Aromatic Winter Experience which, aimed at heightening your sense of taste and smell, promises to be yet another unique pairing adventure. Our sense of smell plays a vital role in determining our mood and memory, and our new menu sets out to take you on a culinary journey of wellbeing by highlighting aroma whilst stimulating all your senses. 


Happy Harvest News From Creation

At Creation, Pinot Noir is traditionally the first to be harvested and a couple of weeks ago we reported on this year’s great quality, with Cellarmaster JC Martin saying: “The Pinot grapes ripened slowly, evenly and fully, resulting in attractive fruit flavours balanced by crisp acidity to add to the freshness of the wines.”


Something New Every Month At Creation

At Creation every dawn brings an exciting new challenge and innovation is a way of life. This trendsetting spirit has shaped our vision and led to many a thrilling achievement.