Take Advantage Of #BuyJanuary, #LoveFebruary at Creation Wines

If you love Creation’s award-winning wines and live in South Africa, here’s something to put a smile on your face! By taking advantage of the generous BuyJanuary, LoveFebruary offer at Creation, you’ll qualify, not only for a Special Lockdown Gift but also for free delivery with each order over R1 500. 


There’s Always A Silver Lining At Creation Wines

This past week the South African Wine Industry received yet another directive from Government, this time extending the ban on the local sale of alcohol to the 15th of February. This means that in this financial year, we will not have been able to sell our wines locally for 22 weeks.


Creation Tasting Room Closed Until Alcohol Ban Is Lifted

Having overcome the first wave of Covid-19 thanks to the courage and adaptability of our team, we now face the second wave with the benefit of experience and hindsight.


That’s A Wrap For 2020 At Creation!

I was born and bred in the Cape Winelands and had the privilege of growing up on three wine estates – close to the soil, close to the people.  I know about the struggle and effort it takes to raise a vineyard and about all the hands and hearts that go into it. I have never underestimated the tenacity it takes to cope with the vagaries of the weather, water shortages, power outages, fire, political interference, viruses in the vineyard – and now COVID-19. A vintage represents a year in history, and this one will indeed be remembered.


Creation Wines and Von Geusau Chocolates: A World of Passion

From Creation Wines on the scenic Hemel-en-Aarde Ridge near Hermanus comes the delectable news that the team has just relaunched their famous Paradoxical Wine and Chocolate Pairing. Why ‘paradoxical’? Carolyn Martin, Creation co-owner and marketing director explains: “Many people think chocolate simply shouldn’t be paired with wine. At Creation we thought:  ‘challenge accepted’! The premise is that instead of pairing the chocolate itself with wine, the chocolate serves as a vessel infused with vivid flavour profiles to elevate the flavours within the wine.”


Summer Celebration At Creation

No doubt about it: 2020 has been a year to remember and at Creation we’re welcoming in summer and the festive season with bright, sunny smiles and immense gratitude for our farm, our team and you, our client! As a token of our gratitude, we take pleasure in offering you a gift of one FREE bottle of wine for every 6-case you order – PLUS complimentary delivery of all orders over R1 500 anywhere in South Africa.   


Creation Brings Joy To The Festive Season

A truly extraordinary year is nearing its end and here at Creation, we take pleasure in preparing all things good for the Festive Season. This of course includes a choice of super quality, inspired gifts, whether you’re shopping for family, friends, colleagues or clients. Our friendly and knowledgeable Creation Personal Shoppers are standing by to assist you with your choice and tailor-make your gifts according to your wishes. 


Great Wine Capitals Award Recognises Creation Innovation

This past week Creation Wines had the honour of receiving the prestigious 2021 Great Wine Capitals (GWC) Best of Wine Tourism Award for Innovative Wine Tourism. Since its establishment in 2002 this Hemel-en-Aarde estate has become synonymous with innovation and co-owner and marketing director Carolyn Martin says the Creation team is delighted.


Five Wine Pairing Tips: The Mystery And The Mastery

Thanks to the refreshing natural acidity, the multifaceted complexity and the harmonious balance of our cool-climate wines they are exceptionally food friendly. Add to this my passion for flavour profiling and I guess there can be but a few places on earth where the natural partnership of wine and food is embraced more wholeheartedly than here at Creation!


What Grows Together, Goes Together

I was recently asked whether regionality affects wine and food pairing. Adhering to the philosophy of ‘what grows together, goes together’ my answer is a resounding ‘yes’! Creation is close to Walker Bay and the cool breezes from the Atlantic Ocean that caress our vineyards play an important role in creating elegant wines with exceptional pairing potential.