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Solar refrigerators are refrigerators that run of energy directly from the sun, they don’t require any man-made electricity. The energy that they run off includes photovoltaic or solar thermal energy. Solar-powered refrigerators keep perishable goods (meats and dairies) cool in hot climates. 


If you’re into food, you’re probably always on the lookout for something new and unusual that you haven’t had before. However, even if you’re more of an eat to live type of person, you might be surprised at how much more engaged you become in food and cooking when you mix it up a little bit. The suggestions below can all introduce you to new food in a fun way.


Winter weather conjures up images of cosy evenings with a warming beverage in hand. American Whiskeys hit all the right notes at this time of year, thanks to their toasty caramel, vanilla, honey and grain flavours and the famous ‘Kentucky Hug’ effect – that warm sensation you feel after a sip of good American Whiskey.


Discover the beauty of the Bottelary region near Stellenbosch from 1 – 3 October, when the Bottelary Hills Renosterveld Conservancy (BHRC) is hosting their first MTB & Eco-weekend. Bike, hike, sip and taste your way through this off-the-beaten track destination in the heart of the Cape Winelands.

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Boplaas winemaker Margaux Nel with Port of the Year.

Boplaas Family Vineyards has emerged as Port of the Year with top results in an international assessment of South African wines. Five wines and ports produced by the Calitzdorp winery received outstanding ratings of 90 or more points out of a possible 100.


With September being Heritage Month in South Africa, Creation Wines will be celebrating and embracing the culinary diversity of our country with a unique Creation Healthy Heritage Pairing Menu.  


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