Bar Snacks Infused With A Double Dose Of Tequila

Put away the peanuts and grab a bottle of tequila! These bar snacks are intoxicating, unique and unusual. Serve them as entrees at your next Mexican evening or enjoy them during Margarita hour.

Tangy Tequila And Lime Popcorn

The amount of tequila used in this recipe is extremely little. Feel free to use more.

Tequila Battered Onion Rings with Honey Lime Yogurt Sauce

There is a whooooole lot of tequila in the batter of these onions rings.

Tequila-spiked French Fries Covered In Cheese

Up your french fries game by broiling them with a tequila-spiked cheese topping. Wonderfully decadent, sinfully delicious and simply irresistible. For those who prefer a greener diet, then these chee

Candied Tequila Bacon

There are plenty candied bourbon bacon recipes across the blogosphere, but not any recipes that use different types of alcohol.

Tequila-Soaked Watermelon

Whatever Harry Styles claims, we all know this is what "watermelon sugar high" really means!

Avocado and Lime Tequila Popsicles

The colour, texture and flavour of these Avocado and Lime Tequila Ice Lollies from Stresscake are likely to provoke some entertaining reactions from those who get to enjoy them.

Deep-Fried Tequila Shots Donuts

We have heard of deep fried mars bars, pizza and insects, but now you can even deep fry your tequila.