Creation Pinot At Its Pinnacle

When it was recently announced that the Creation Art of Pinot Noir 2018 was among the Top Five at the inaugural Mosaic Pinot Noir Awards, co-owner Carolyn Martin responded that it is always rewarding when a Creation wine gets this recognition from a reputable tasting panel.

To which she added: “What makes us especially proud of this award is that the competition seeks to identify wines to serve as a benchmark for the development of distinctive South African Pinot Noir. We are also delighted that our 2019 Estate Pinot Noir was in the Top 10, this shows quality across our Pinot range.” 

Describing the 2018 Creation Art of Pinot, Carolyn says it has reflections of wild forest strawberries, dark berries, cherries and spice with hints of dark rose petal. Intense and vibrant yet silky smooth and elegantly understated, it doesn’t cause the palate fatigue sometimes experienced when drinking a heavy red wine. “In fact, once you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying this terroir-driven Pinot, it is hard to get excited about bolder wines.” Asked about food pairing, Carolyn says the wine is exceptionally versatile and can be enjoyed with a variety of foods – from fish to venison, goat’s-milk cheese to the tartness of fresh berries.