Drink Waverley Hills SMV, save the planet

Wolseley is not an area that I’ve ever associated with much, apart from having a name that most people can’t spell. It’s one of those funny limbo areas that you pass through if you’re going to Tulbagh and Ceres… just a little blip on the GPS.

As it turns out, Wolseley definitely has its charms. A couple of weeks ago I found myself at Waverley Hills, an organic estate that produces numerous wines according to environmentally sustainable farming techniques. The farm  is also home to several rare species of fynbos, which apparently gives their wines a herbaceous vibe.  My inner hippy was immediately thrilled about all this, so it was time to get down to a tasting.

One wine that really stood out was their 2011 SMV, a blend of 84% Shiraz, 9% Mourvedre and 7% Viognier. This vintage has received a lot of attention this year, winning gold at 2015 Challenge International du Vin and the 6th International Organic Wine Awards.



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