Crowd-pleasing recipes for a winter weekend

A winter’s weekend calls for family get-togethers and warming dishes. Chef Pieter suggests combining the traditional mild curry of a Bobotie with the sweetness of banana, the crunch of coconut and the freshness of cucumber – it should be a hit in any company! Serve with the 2015 Lookout Semi-Sweet made from Chenin Blanc and Muscat and you will be in everyone’s good books!


1 Onion, thinly sliced
1 tbsp Canola oil
800g  Lean minced beef
1  Thick slice bread (any type), crusts removed
250ml Milk
2 Eggs
15ml Medium strength curry powder
15ml Sugar
5ml Salt
Pepper to taste (black or white)
5-10ml Turmeric
1 lemon Zest and Juice
60ml Flaked almonds
125ml Seedless raisins
4 Bay leaves
45ml Chutney