There is a reason why we enjoy spicy food in winter – it keeps us warm! But according to various Dr Googles, adding some spice to your diet has more benefits: it can be anti-inflammatory and good for your heart, it suppresses your appetite (whoop! whoop!) and it boosts your metabolism (double bonus!).


Who does not like a proper Cheese Burger? Leopard’s Leap Cheese Burgers on the Braai are easy to make with only a few pantry staples, a generous slice of Cheddar and of course, a glass of Leopard’s Leap wine! 


During Easter, lamb is a favourite ingredient in kitchens all over the world. But there is more to lamb than a dish fit for the Easter table.


We don’t think Valentine’s Day should be exclusively romantic. Why don’t we use this date to celebrate all our significant relationships! Those friends who stuck with you boyfriend after boyfriend. Those buddies who made life fun when there was no love interest to speak of. Those wonderful souls who have gone through the same hardships as you and who have gathered around you when you needed them most.


For most South Africans, a White Christmas is something that happens in the movies. For those who still dared to dream of celebrating this special time drinking glühwein under the snowflakes, having a northern hemisphere Christmas seems to be off the cards again this year.


Forget all about the understated olive, here we go with coconut, maraschino cherries and marshmallow. If you ever needed an ice breaker or playful, grown-up dessert, this White Christmas Martini your answer.


Sunshine, beach time, festive fun, family and friends… Make sure you get the most out of the summer holidays! Stock up on your favourite wines and serve poolside sippers, mix a few sassy cocktails, spoil your loved ones with fabulous food and generous glasses, ensure happy smiles under the tree and keep it clinking with good wishes for the New Year!


Looking for a recipe to enjoy with your next braai? You can’t go wrong with this Pinotage Teriyaki Marinated Beef Kebabs with Soba Noodle Salad from Leopard’s Leap.


One of the reasons I am so fond of this curry is because it reminds me of a beef dish my late father used to make. It was made with blade beef, which was prepared the night before, lightly salted but generously seasoned with freshly ground black pepper and slow cooked, not a single minute rushed. Such care was always taken when he cooked beef, to ensure that the meat was tender and would literally just fall off the bone. But no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to recreate it the way he did! However, I drew on his adoration and love of beef with this recipe instead and my heritage as a meat-loving South African!


Finishing your day with a chilled glass of wine is one of life’s greatest pleasures, but overindulging in alcohol and waking up with a hangover is not. Not only do you wake up feeling worse, but excessive consumption of alcohol isn’t good for your health. If you’re looking for something easy to drink without the brutal after effects, then low alcohol wine is here to save the day…and tomorrow morning!